Best NFL DFS Picks for Saturday Chiefs vJaguars- Divisional

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Best NFL DFS Picks for Saturday: Chiefs vs. Jaguars- Divisional Round- January 20 2023 NFL Playoffs

Can the Kansas City Chiefs defeat a white-hot Jacksonville Jaguars team on Saturday?

TheKansas City Chiefshost theJacksonville Jaguarsin the NFLs Divisional Round opener. The Chiefs look to advance to another AFC title game, while the Jacksonville Jaguars look to take the next step in their franchise development.

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Bettors should play Patrick Mahomes in DFS, in every format, every week.

Trevor Lawrence was sensational in the 2nd half last week, leading one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history. The Jaguars shouldnt count on that type of outcome this week, but the upside in a shootout remains.

Jerick McKinnon has become a rock-solid option for the Kansas City Chiefs. McKinnon is a Swiss Army knife of sorts, best utilized as a receiver out of the backfield. Expect Mahomes to look McKinnons way on Saturday.

The way to beat the Kansas City Chiefs is to run on them. The Chiefs run defense has been an area of weakness for several seasons, but only a few teams are built to take advantage of it. The Jaguars would be wise to integrate RB Travis Etienne Jr. into the offensive game plan.

Travis Kelce is the DFS Cash game play weekly. Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have some of the best chemistry in the NFL. When the going gets tough, the All-World QB looks to the best TE on planet earth to save the day, and usually, he does.

Evan Engram has become a mainstay of the Jaguars offense. Engram has been on fire lately. Credit QB Trevor Lawrence for targeting the versatile TE early and often, and crediting the coaching staff for creative playcalling and moving Evan Engram around the offensive formation. The Kansas City Chiefs have historically been great coming off of a bye week as Andy Reid gets to flex his creative muscles after two weeks in the lab. Expect the Chiefs offense to come out hot in this one, and the Jacksonville Jaguars will likely have to keep up through the air. We saw how the Jaguars chased down a team through the passing game, anticipate more of the same on Saturday.

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