Best NFL DFS Picks for Sunday 49ers vCowboys- Divisional Rou

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Best NFL DFS Picks for Sunday: 49ers vs. Cowboys- Divisional Round- January 22 2023 NFL Playoffs

Can Deebo Samuel lead the San Francisco 49ers over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday?

TheSan Francisco 49ershost theDallas Cowboysin an NFL match-up between two bitter rivals from a time gone by. The 49ers are on a roll, but the Cowboys are firing on all cylinders after Monday night. Only one can be victorious -- who will it be?

Brock Purdy continues to shine in the 49ers offense. With as many weapons as they have, Purdy feels relatively safe.

Dak Prescott played one of his best games on Monday Night Football as he cut up theBuccaneerssecondary. Dak will have his work cut out for him this week against a formidable 49ers defense, but with confidence running high, you can roll with Dak.

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Christian McCaffrey remains the cash game play this week. McCaffrey is heavily involved as a runner and receiver that he is a no-brainer selection.

Nominating Elijah Mitchell in tournaments may be shocking, but the backup RB for the 49ers has looked sensational since returning from injury. The 49ers best game plan remains to run the ball and take the pressure off their rookie QB. Expect Elijah Mitchell to be more involved this week, and with his ability to take the ball to the house on any given carry, he remains an excellent low-cost tournament option.

CeeDee Lamb receives the cash game designation because of how involved in the Dallas Cowboys passing attack. The expected game plan in this one is that the San Francisco 49ers front seven will limit the effectiveness of the Dallas Cowboys running game. The Dallas Cowboys passing game must win one-on-one match-ups on the outside. We applaud the Cowboys offensive coaching staff for moving CeeDee Lamb around the formation and scheming him open.

Deebo Samuel looked sensational in his return to a full-time role for the San Francisco 49ers. Samuel is one of the few players in the NFL with the dynamic capabilities to take over a game on any given play. The 49ers can use him perfectly now that Christian McCaffrey is in the backfield. Samuel is one of the most difficult players in the NFL to bring down in the open field and will cause plenty of issues for the Dallas Cowboys defenders on Sunday.

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