Espanyol denounces before the RFEF thimproper alignment of L

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Espanyol has filed a complaint before the Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) which requests the challenge of the derby against...

Chronicle Barça and Espanyol sign tables in the great show of Mateu Lahoz

has filed a complaint before the Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) which requests the challenge of the derby against

on December 30 for the improper alignment of

, The parakeet team He considers that the Polish striker should not have played the match because he had to serve, at least, the one-game ban that was imposed after his expulsion for a double yellow in the duel against Osasuna, the last one before the break.

Espanyol understands that this sanction is independent of the two matches with which the Competition punished the attackers gestures of

contempt and disregard for the referees

and that they were appealed by the club until obtaining the injunction granted by the Central Contentious Court of Madrid just 24 hours before the derby

Espanyol sent its letter to the RFEF at noon yesterday through the legal advice of the disciplinary committees department and, according to consulted federative sources, in the next few hours it will be transferred to

The complaint states that the club before the start of the match, informed in good faith both the referee of the match, Mr. Mateu Lahoz, and the RFEF itself about the presence in the rival eleven of footballer Robert Lewandowski, who had to comply penalty after being sent off for a double yellow on the previous day of the national championship. RCD Espanyol, as announced on the eve of the match, will use all the resources at its disposal to defend its interests and that of our fans, aware that this flagrant injustice puts the essence of our competition at risk and that said injustice is based on a hasty resolution and with evident legal deficiencies.

Lewandowski was sent off in Pamplona in the 30th minute of the game after seeing two yellow cards for holding and making a tackle on an opponent, but the referee Gil Manzano reflected in the minutes that the player made a gesture of disapproval twice of the referees decision, consisting of putting his finger to his nose, and then pointing his thumb towards the referee. When he was about to leave the field of play, he repeated the gesture again looking towards the assistant referee and in front of the fourth official .

Competition explained in its sanction that the reason was attitudes of contempt and inconsideration towards the referees and despite Barças appeals before the different federative committees, the sanction was maintained and was ratified by the TAD.

Last Wednesday, 24 hours before the derby, the Central Contentious Court of Madrid granted the precautionary suspension of the punishment imposed.

The question then was whether Lewandowski could play against Atltico de Madrid next Sunday, assuming that he could be lined up against Espanyol.

What consequences can this complaint have for Barça?

According to article 76 of the Disciplinary Code of the RFEF, a club that improperly fields a footballer for not meeting the regulatory requirements to be able to participate in a match, will be considered as lost,

declaring the opponent the winner with the result of three goals to zero

, unless a higher score has been obtained, if the competition is by points, in which case it will be maintained. If it were by eliminatory rounds, the one in question will be resolved in favor of the opponent.

As the game ended with a tie at one, the consequence would be that Espanyol would be the one to add the three points with a 3-0.

In addition, Barça would be fined from 6,001 to 9,000 euros and the game will count towards compliance with the sanction imposed on the player who intervened improperly.

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Espanyol denounces before the RFEF the improper alignment of Lewandowski in the derby

Espanyol intend to challenge the result of the match with Barcelona

The sanction to Lewandowski, who will be able to play the derby, has been cautiously suspended

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